We provide a challenging environment and learning opportunities for professional growth   


At JP Tokyo you will grow as an individual with your own value in the market.

We don't value brand, We don't value size, We don't value past or anything that has to do with false conception of self achievement. The only thing that matters is " Do you want to be a stand alone valuable-individual ?" "Do you want to be confident of making an impact to the most meaningful thing to you in the world ?" 

If you are not someone with a false conceptions of your achievements; if you are someone who is looking for opportunity to prove your genuine professionalism, then look nothing beyond JP Tokyo.

Challenging environment


Career opportunities


Social Security




Value Family and Individual


Payed leaves


Global outlook


Flexible work environment


Other Benefits





6F Akane Bldg.,

4-1-31 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0052


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